Because great art begins with a good story.

Dog-Eared Media collaborates with a gamut of writers, technicians, and creatives all suffering from a diverse array of perversions and mental health issues. In addition to fashioning our own uncanny tales, we are always interested in partnering with other like-minded artists and organizations to widen our circle of cohorts and help contribute to the greater cultural community in its most macabre forms.

The Possession

Having been outed to his corrupt captain, a police whistleblower tries desperately to save his skin in an Orwellian game of cat and mouse.

Based on true events, The Possession uses a found-footage style to chronicle the interrogation and eventual abduction of a police whistleblower by corrupt authorities.

Whispering Gallery

A lonely shut-in discovers a way to listen in on the intimate lives of his neighbors, but he soon finds his eavesdropping hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A Walk on Cutter's Ridge

A greedy widow and her parasitic lover arrive at a dilapidated farm in search of her late husband’s lost novel. Together they follow a series of grotesque clues to the dark forest atop Cutter’s Ridge. Will they find the novel or meet only death at the hands of its creator?

The Graveyard Shift

This Gothic mystery and supernatural thriller spans hundreds of years of history and is presented across multiple installments.

The story focuses on Emily Cooper, a lonely college student, who takes a job as the night security guard at a labyrinthine office building. After finding a mysterious Woman in White stalking the basement hallways, Emily vows to uncover the building’s secrets – secrets so terrifying their discovery will threaten the lives of both her and the man she’s grown to love.