August 17, 2013

Just What the Mortician Ordered

About a month ago, we took time in this space to go on a little rant about how frustrated we’ve been with the current run of horror anthology films. We whined and complained that these anthologies have been using arbitrary formatting parameters to bundle their stories instead of tying the individual tales together through consistent settings, themes, or creators. “Give us another Black Sabbath!” we opined. “Or at least something more like Two Evil Eyes!”

Well it appears our nightly sacrifices to the film gods haven’t gone unheeded. Because earlier this week Fangoria posted news that Ryan Spindell (The Window, The Root of the Problem) has teamed with Glass Eye Pix (who else) to produce The Mortuary Collection, a horror anthology of four uncanny tales all penned and directed by Spindell and woven around a Mortician in a magical New England town.

Sometimes the world hands you lemons. But on rare occasions it makes all your nightmares come true in 24 frames-per-second. Check out the stunning concept art by E.M. Gist to understand why we’re so excited.